Saturday, April 13, 2013

No, I'm still breathin'!  :)

 I've been cooking and baking while in my free time I've been working with local TLBG organizations, as well as my own support group (which is what the DONATE button is for, just to remind people) and helping my spouse who has been dealing with increased cerebral palsy disability because of her age.  I've also changed jobs at Susan's Place Transgender Resources, moving from Wiki Administrator to the Chat Administrator position.  

One of the things I'm doing this coming May is being a panelist on an LGBTQ Panel forum, talking about how community members can take action and make interpersonal changes to support equality for LGBTQ individuals. I'm hoping this forum will be attended by many cisgender and straight people as well as members of the LTBG community.  Education and exposure are two of the best ways to create change.  Here's the poster for the event:


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