Saturday, February 27, 2010

I don't hate the "religious" right!

The "religious" right isn't evil, they just do evil things. I don't hate them, I hate the things they do. I hate the sins they commit: lying, grasping for power, harming people with their actions and words, their pride, arrogance, etc.

I believe they should be pushed to the margins of society, along with their philosophical compatriots, the white supremacists, so the ideals of our country, equality under the law for all deserving citizens, can move forward towards reality.

If they keep committing those sins, I think they should be arrested and imprisoned. They certainly shouldn't be able to marry or have kids - they might infect their kids with their heinous religious beliefs or abuse them by taking them to indocrination programs disguised as summer camps. They should never be allowed to serve in the military (a "religious" right wing person with a gun? Shades of Al Qaida!), or be able to have jobs in places where their coworkers disagree with their militant religious rhetoric. If people see them on the street they ought to show their disgust and approbation by calling them humiliating names and, if they are really being blatant about shoving their hateful practices down the throats of others by proselytizing, by applying the amount of force required to convince them and all their followers to stop.

But really, I don't hate them at all.

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  1. Since I know that some people will misinterpret this piece I have to disclaim up front: THIS IS SATIRE AND NOT REALLY WHAT I BELIEVE.

    Thank you and have a nice day!